Ensure Effective 340B Management in 2019

    As we near the New Year, health systems nationwide are seeking the most effective processes and services for enterprise 340B program management. Ensure compliance and efficiency in 2019 with RxStrategies, the clear choice for innovative software, high-touch service, unwavering program compliance and maximum 340B savings.

    Our robust retail and specialty pharmacy networks deliver high capture rates and maximized savings, and our cloud-based solutions can be integrated and deployed system-wide rapidly and with ease.

    Split Billing

    Mixed-use inventory virtualization and replenishment platforms through RxStrategies are secure, user-friendly, highly customizable and work with all wholesalers and EHRs. Our system integrations, real-time analytics and WAC exposure reviews ensure compliance, as well as the purchase of the least expensive medications possible by Covered Entities.

    Contract Pharmacy

    We emphasize a conservative approach to 340B contract pharmacy administration while maximizing program results through a simple, all-inclusive fee. Robust and insightful visibility into your 340B program is easily obtainable through our powerful cloud-based analytics platform.

    In addition, our audit-proven eligibility matching algorithm reduces ineligible matches by examining up to seven points of data to qualify each individual transaction, including:

    1. Location Code
    2. Provider NPI
    3. Patient Name
    4. Patient Date of Birth
    5. Encounter
    6. Insurance Type
    7. Diagnosis Code

    System-Wide Analytics Tools

    RxStrategies’ industry-leading analytics and reporting engine take the guesswork out of system-wide data analytics. Enterprise users gain robust drill-down capability and easy customer report creation with our platform, which offers users access to the exact data metrics sought – and nothing more.


    Always be audit-ready with our proprietary cloud-based automated self-audit tool for contract pharmacy and mixed-use 340B transactions, 340B CompliancePlus. This industry-exclusive tool greatly simplifies the self-audit process by bringing all relevant transactional information into one unified source for review and validation, mimicking actual HRSA audit workflows.

    Support and Implementation

    RxStrategies understands program complexities and the importance of open communication. With this in mind, we’ve created a team of 340B experts that comprise our dedicated account management organization. A member of this team is assigned to each Covered Entity from implementation forward. Additionally, RxStrategies provides 24/7 phone support for any needs that may arise after hours.

    Ready to ensure effective 340B management in 2019? Contact the RxStrategies experts.