What is 340B?
The program was designed to provide discounts on the cost of pharmaceuticals to eligible healthcare facilities registered with Health Resource Service Administration’s Office of Pharmacy Affairs, (HRSA’s OPA).

The 340B program intent was to help covered entities “stretch scarce Federal resources as far as possible, reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services.” (H.R. Rep. No 102 102-384(l l), at 12 (1992).

With the introduction of Health Care Reform, there is an increased focus on the 340B program. Health Resource Service Administration or HRSA audits are now a part of the program. Health care reform has also broadened the criteria for new entities to participate in the program. The definition of patient and eligibility becomes increasingly important along with additional compliance tests such as “covered entity integrity provisions,” “ceiling price audits” and analysis of the expansion of the Medicaid credit.   In its design to provide patients of qualified entities with access to highly discounted prescription drugs, legislative mandates require many levels of compliance that add to the complexity in administration of the program. The answer to all of this is 340BPlus.