RxStrategies’ Specialty Contract Pharmacy solution allows you to expand your Contract Pharmacy network to include specialty drugs that would go un-captured in a traditional retail Contract Pharmacy network. This provides access to expensive, limited distribution items that have huge savings opportunity associated with the 340B program.

Key Elements of RxStrategies’ Specialty Contract Pharmacy Solution

  • Robust Specialty Pharmacy partner network includes all major Specialty Pharmaceutical providers
  • RxStrategies can work also with local “independent” Specialty Pharmacies
  • Complimentary “heat-map” analysis to determine which networks will maximize your capture rate and ROI
  • RxStrategies can handle the end-to-end administrative efforts around contracting, implementation, formulary development, replenishment, reporting, accounting, and continued network optimization via quarterly stewardship reviews
  • CompliancePlus portal provides tools to ensure compliance around high-dollar specialty prescriptions