RxStrategies helps retail pharmacies navigate the complexities of 340B program participation, from finding Covered Entity partners, performing feasibility studies, to contracting and recurring management of the contract pharmacy relationship.

RxStrategies can support a fully functional Sliding Fee, Subsidy, Charity Care and Cash plans for your Covered Entity partners. Leveraging RxStrategies’ PBM services, we can set-up plans specifically designed for your uninsured patients. Our solutions allow your Covered Entity partners stretch limited federal resources, reducing outpatient drug prices for your patients and expanding health services to the patients and communities you serve.

RxStrategies’ 340BPlus Contract Pharmacy Solution

  • Contract Pharmacy Portal to view audit trail, reports, and invoice reconciliation
  • Prevents duplicate discounts to ensure 340B program integrity
  • Maintains auditable records documenting compliance with 340B requirements
  • Ensures contracting and partnerships are amicable to all parties
  • Plans specifically designed for uninsured patients
  • Accounting management services for 340B Contract Pharmacies