Maximize Your Savings with Split Billing

    RxStrategies’ 340BPlus Split Billing Solution provides end-to-end 340B program management with a focus on program compliance. The 340BPlus Split Billing Solution takes the complexity out of 340B program management by reviewing all prescription activity to flag eligible 340B dispenses. All activity is then designated for proper replenishment, (GPO, WAC, 340B) auditability and reporting.

       RxStrategies’ 340BPlus Split Billing Solution:

    • Routine task automation after creating the wholesaler order
    • AICPA SOC 2 Security Certification
    • Customized reporting, onsite audit support and performance guarantees
    • Daily order confirmation and discrepancy emails
    • Daily account manager order intervention for drug shortages, EDI or pharmacy system data seed

    Maximize savings by ensuring integrity through an automated workflow process, transparency for your client, data file integration and ongoing training and support through dedicated Account Management. Read more >

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