Maintain a Compliant 340B Program in Your Hospital

    Through RxStrategies’ hospital-focused services, hospitals can manage and track grant funded subsidies, manage 340B product purchases and inventory, participate in P&T committees, manage pharmacies, receive consulting services to improve financial, operational and strategic management and more.

    The comprehensive solutions that allow hospitals to maintain a compliant 340B program include:

    Split Billing – Addresses the complexity out of 340B program management by reviewing all prescription activity to flag eligible 340B dispenses.


    Contract Pharmacy – The right contract pharmacy solution to fit your organization’s specific needs.


    CompliancePlus – A comprehensive self-audit solution to streamline workflow, quickly indemnify errors and omissions and implement processes to ensure 340B program compliance.

    Specialty Contract Pharmacy – Allows for expansion of your contract pharmacy network to include specialty drugs that would go un-captured in a traditional retail contract pharmacy network.


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