Is Your 340B Program Audit Ready?

    340B Drug Pricing Program Covered Entities (CEs) must ensure program integrity and maintain accurate records documenting compliance with all 340B Program requirements, as follows:

    1. 340B Database information must remain accurate and up to date. New outpatient facilities and contract pharmacies must be registered as they are added.
    2. Recertify eligibility is necessary annually.
    3. Prevent diversion to ineligible patients. CEs must not resell or transfer 340B drugs to any patients that are ineligible. Download to read more >
    4. Report Medicaid fee-for-service drugs accurately; manufacturers must not provide discounted 340B prices and a Medicaid drug rebate for the same drug.
    5. Be 340B program audit ready. Keep auditable records documenting 340B Program compliance.

       RxStrategies’ 340B solutions are key to a comprehensive and compliant 340B program.

    RxStrategies works with Covered Entities to provide an integrated approach to streamline the delivery of quality care, while maximizing savings and meeting the regulatory challenges associated with 340B program management.

    Ready to learn more? Schedule a 340B CompliancePlus Audit Solution (Self-Audit Portal) demo.