Is 340B Program Management Leaving You Fragmented?

    RxStrategies 340BPlus Split Billing Solution helps to remove the complexity of 340B program management by reviewing all prescription activity to flag eligible 340B dispenses. All activity is then designated for proper replenishment, (GPO, WAC, 340B) auditability and reporting.


    RxStrategies’ 340BPlus Split Billing Solution:


    • Maximizes your savings by assuring data integrity via an automated workflow process.
    • Clients approve only the total amount of a drug needed in their wholesaler ordering system.
    • 340BPlus provides the client full transparency to the back-end mechanics of the system.
    • The system interfaces via EDI with the hospital drug wholesaler, as well as integrating the data file of the hospital pharmacy system.
    • Implementation is a straightforward 6-8 week process, with ongoing training and support available through dedicated Account Management.

    Our Split Billing Solutions provides a fully customizable, end-to-end 340B program management with a focus on program compliance. Read more>

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