Intuitive Contract Pharmacy Management through Advanced Reporting and Analytics

    RxStrategies emphasizes a conservative approach to 340B contract pharmacy administration while maximizing program results. Our simple, all-inclusive fee ensures more of the 340B savings remain with the Covered Entity (CE). In addition, our audit-proven eligibility matching algorithm drives matches to qualify each individual transaction.

    Our 340B Contract Pharmacy Solution:

    • Intuitive, Cloud-Based Platform: Provides unprecedented insights into all aspects of the CE’s 340B contract pharmacy landscape
    • Robust Retail and Specialty Pharmacy Networks: Allows for optimization of the CE’s contract pharmacy claim capture rate
    • Compliance: Customized policies and procedures and on-site support in HRSA or manufacturer audit scenarios. RxStrategies 340B CompliancePlus, our proprietary self-audit tool, automates the self-audit process to facilitate ongoing program compliance and adherence to HRSA-recommended self-audit practices.
    • 340B program Implementation and registration assistance and management
    • 24/7 support

    For assistance navigating 340B program complexities, schedule a 340B CompliancePlus (self-audit tool) or Dashboard Analytics demo.