Integrated Solutions to Maintain Program Compliance

    There are many challenges organizations face when maintaining a compliant 340B Drug Pricing Program. At RxStrategies, we specialize in delivering integrated solutions to assist implementation and compliance.

      Split Billing

    Provides end-to-end 340B program management and addresses its complexity by reviewing all prescription activity to flag eligible 340B dispenses.


    Streamlines workflow, quickly indemnifies errors and omissions and implements processes to ensure 340B program transparency and compliance.

      Contract Pharmacy

    Assists retail pharmacies navigate 340B program participation complexities.

      Specialty Pharmacy

    Allows for expansion of contract pharmacies’ networks to include specialty drugs that would go un-captured in a traditional retail Contract Pharmacy network.

    Ready to learn more? Connect with us and schedule a 340B CompliancePlus (self-audit tool) or Dashboard Analytics demo.