Community Health Centers serve as the primary medical home for over 23 million people in 9,800 rural and urban communities across America.

    source: NACHC.org

    The 340B Drug Discount Program is an essential source of support for Community Health Centers, allowing them to stretch increasingly scarce federal resources and reinvest in patient care. Health centers report that 340B is integral to their ability to provide high quality, cost-effective care to their patients. This translates to better patient care in any variety of ways, be it through improved pharmacy access, extended health center hours, or the ability to provide additional providers or services. (source: NACHC.org)


       RxStrategies’ Community Health Center-Focused Solutions

    Providing dramatic drug discounts for patients, which can lead to better health outcomes and a greater quality of care.

     RxStrategies can help your organization maintain a compliant 340B program:

    • Management and tracking of grant funded subsidies
    • Purchasing and inventory management of 340B product in full compliance with all applicable regulations
    • Formulary management
    • Participation in P&T committees
    • Pharmacy management
    • Consulting services for improved financial, operational and strategic management

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