Discover Program Compliance with RxStrategies

    At RxStrategies, we work with Covered Entities (CE) to create customized 340B solutions that proactively position CEs to maintain compliance implementing internal processes, controls and protocols for internal audits and review purposes. Our 340B CompliancePlus solution also promotes the benefits of engaging broad-based CE teams in program compliance and support and provides them with tools to successfully execute critical HRSA compliance areas, including registration, fee-for-service Medicaid exclusions, duplicate discount focus, GPO exclusions and CE audit support.

    Key Elements of RxStrategies 340B CompliancePlus

    • Online compliance workflow via 340B CompliancePlus Portal
    • Compliance-related reporting in a secure server environment
    • All information is stored in the cloud – in the event of an audit, the information is at your fingertips
    • Customized Policies and Procedures for each CE

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    With our comprehensive 340B solutions, CEs gain assistance maintaining program integrity and transparency. Contact us to schedule your 340B CompliancePlus (self-audit tool) or Dashboard Analytics demo and discover program compliance.