CEO Fenton Markevich on the Importance of 340B

    President and CEO Fenton Markevich was recently featured in 340B Health’s 340B Chronicle, News from the 340B Health PAC. In this highlight, Fenton answered questions pertaining to his personal commitment and RxStrategies’ commitment to the 340B community and the 340B program, as well as the significance of contributing to the 340B Health PAC. Read the Q&A below.


    Tell me a little bit about your experience with 340B. How is RxStrategies committed to helping the 340B community and ensuring the future of the 340B program?

    I have been involved with the 340B program since May 2005. In the span of that time, the program has undergone many changes and continues to endure great scrutiny. RxStrategies has made every effort to stay one-step ahead of the changing times by communicating regularly with its clients about trends and conditions in the industry and how these impact their specific operations. Our relationship with 340B Health is a critical component in the effort to remain current in this very fluid environment.


    Why should others follow your example and contribute to the PAC?

    The PAC is the most direct way to influence thought and communication in the administrative and political environment. It is surprising to learn that the depth of knowledge about the 340B program is quite limited on the political front and educating key members of Congress and the Senate is a crucial effort to balance the 340B story and combat the high dollar and high powered lobby of the opponents of the 340B program.


    What is it about doing work related to 340B that is important to you?

    The mission of the 340B program is to provide prescription drugs to the patients of covered entities and assist those entities “stretch” their resources to assist as many people as possible. This is a noble goal and one worth the continued fight.

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