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The knowledgeable leader for removing the challenges organizations face when implementing 340B Drug Pricing Programs and making application possible.

Established in 2003 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, RxStrategies, Inc. provides accountability, transparency and value-based solutions for the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Programs.

RxStrategies has been working to ease the implementation of the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program for nearly a decade. As a leading expert, our company offers prescription discounts to qualified entities in order for them to best serve patients.

Our Mission

To design and implement customized 340B pharmacy solutions that allow our clients to maximize the value of the Federal 340B discount drug pricing program within and across their organization.

Our Values

These distinguishing factors are woven into the framework of RxStrategies:

  • 340B Program Integrity
  • Service Excellence
  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Positive Client Experience
  • User-Friendly Solutions

RxStrategies provides the federally qualified entities and their pharmacy partners with a full turn-key solution for the implementation and on-going management of the 340B discount prescription drug program. The 340B program is a proven vehicle to provide the much-needed prescription drugs to your patients at the lowest cost possible under the law and also increases the value and quality of care that your centers provide.

Our Focus

RxStrategies is solution oriented. We take the questions and difficulty out of applying 340B. Our 340BPlus program is specifically designed to ensure patient eligibility, prescription tracking, inventory management, inventory replenishment, billing and program management. Our pharmacy network is focused to bring savings to millions of patients eligible under the 340B program.

Our Approach

As a 340B program provider, RxStrategies understands that one of your top priorities is to provide safe and cost-effective care, and ensure regulatory compliance. We have developed integrated solutions to streamline 340B program management, technology, and excellence in customer support through a team armed with up-to-date industry knowledge. Our top goal is to help you be successful

  • Program Integrity
  • Program Compliance
  • Service excellence with dedicated Account Managers and Executive sponsors